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Job Opportunities in the USA

eNZed Paramedical has long worked in conjunction with a similar agency in the USA. Like eNZed, this is an owner operated service with a high emphasis on candidate care and support during the whole process of finding a job and getting settled.

Up until recently this only covered therapists from the USA seeking work in New Zealand.
Now, this service has asked us for candidates for posts in the USA!

They are seeking Occupational Therapists for job in a range of physical settings, not Mental Health, but do want people at all levels, including new graduates. eNZed Paramedical will gather details, interview and screen candidates in NZ, our colleague will place them and assist with the processes such as how to apply for USA work visas etc.

USA Registration

To gain registration in the USA is quite a process, but the exams are now available in NZ. To be considered, you need to hold a degree that involved doing a research project/writing a thesis. This does not have to be in Occupational Therapy, so previous/other qualifications are relevant to this process.

USA Visa's Our American colleague will assist and advise you with this process once a job offer is confirmed.

USA Salary Packages

Because this involves a recruitment service, and therefore a variety of employers in different states across the USA, exact salary packages can not be specifically stated here. Obviously, your level of experience and the post you are offered affects this also.

However, the range starts from approximately US$54,000. Other benefits such as travel and initial accommodation vary.

Where are the jobs?

As stated above, this does involve a range of our colleagues clients across the USA, but predominately in the mid west and eastern states. There are differences between NZ and USA descriptions of services, and how treatment is delivered etc. There are options in larger cities, and more rural settings (which can mean a center with 200,000 people)

Most posts are in rehab or home based services.

What will it cost?

Applying for work via eNZed Paramedical (and our USA partner) is FREE, just like our inbound service for therapists coming to NZ.

You will need to be ready to pay your USA registration, visa application and travel costs, even though some salary packages may mean you eventually get reimbursed for this.

What to do next?

  • If you are interested in this option, complete the eNZed Paramedical full sign-on line form.
  • We will then contact you to discuss your plans in more detail and arrange a preliminary interview with us. First face to face interviews are planned for late January/early February 2011. If you already have USA registration, this can happen earlier.
  • We will need your full referees details as well as we need to gather confidential referees reports for you.
  • We will need to see copies of all your qualifications.

"I thought that I would drop you a line to tell you how very much I have enjoyed being in New Zealand. I finished work yesterday. It really is such a great place to work. My work colleagues quickly became my friends who I am so going to miss! I am very grateful for having been linked up with them by yourselves. What more can I say other than that this has been the best thing I have ever done."

— Sue, Occupational Therapist from England, UK


I'm ready, I want to work in the USA with eNZed Paramedical.

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Yes, I'm interested in working in the USA, but I'm not ready to sign-up just yet.

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Last Modified: 20 November 2014