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Information for Employers

What does eNZed Paramedical offer?

Skilled therapists who have been short-listed for the best possible match of clinical skills, length of contract, preferred start date and location with the vacant post. eNZed Paramedical routinely provides full details of each therapist's work history, including three confidential referee's reports. Current details of therapist's availability, registration and visa status.

Once appointment is confirmed. eNZed Paramedical also provides a Health Screening Questionnaire, Police checks, copies of drivers licenses and other key documents. We ensure that therapists have all papers required on the first day of work including APC's, IRD numbers etc. eNZed Paramedical can provide assistance with preparing documentation to support work visa applications. Once the documentation is complete, we co-ordinate the rest of the application process with the therapist and any other relevant bodies. This is included in our standard fees.

You only pay fees if we are successful in filling your vacancy, it is free to request candidates from us.

How does eNZed Paramedical recruit?

eNZed Paramedical advertises regularly in UK professional journals, and have our own web site. A significant proportion of therapists contact us because of personal recommendation.

Most therapists using our service are from outside New Zealand. By far the greatest number of people contacting us from the United Kingdom, with smaller numbers from Canada, South Africa and the USA. A very small number of New Zealand trained therapists use us, but we find that most know where they want to live and work and approach likely employers directly.

Our communication with the therapists normally starts several months before they arrive here, sometimes even years may pass if the therapist contacts us very early!


We believe our fees are the most competitive in the market, and feedback confirms that the service is of a very high standard. As you only pay fees if we are successful in filling your vacancy, it is free to request candidates from us. Should you wish to see a full set of our Business Terms, please contact us.

Last Modified: 20 November 2014