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“My husband and I had been thinking about working in New Zealand. I had seen an advert for eNZed Paramedical and decided to make some inquires. The Higgins were very helpful, friendly and informative at this time. Two years later we made the big move with the support and professional advice of eNZed Paramedical. They really took on board our requests for types of jobs and localities, they worked with us and utilised their contacts with District Health Boards to reach the best job fit.

The whole process was professionally handled, but above all John and Christine Higgins provided us with invaluable advice and support which eased this major life transition. They were also the first friends we made in NZ and still remain great pals!”

—Kerry & Iain (Occupational Therapists from Scotland, UK)

“After spending 3 years working in the NHS, I decided to come to New Zealand to work and expand my career opportunities. I'd heard great things from other physiotherapists and was excited about a change of lifestyle that New Zealand could offer.

By looking on the CSP website, I found eNZed Paramedical and proceeded to contact them. Throughout the process of obtaining registration, looking for a job, sorting out a visa etc, John and Christine have been extremely helpful along every step of the way. They are both dedicated to make it as easy as possible for you, which, for me was very pertinent as I was travelling alone. Their in-depth knowledge of the New Zealand health care system and factors contributing towards working in New Zealand has been tremendous.

I would recommend them to any health care professional coming to New Zealand. If you want a reliable and knowledgeable source, choose eNZed Paramedical.”

—Claire (Physiotherapist from England, UK)

“I thought that I would drop you a line to tell you how very much I have enjoyed being in New Zealand. I finished work yesterday. It really is such a great place to work. My work colleagues quickly became my friends who I am so going to miss! I am very grateful for having been linked up with them by yourselves.

I am finishing off my time in New Zealand with my mum who arrives tomorrow. We are planning some travel before leaving New Zealand and heading back to cold England. What more can I say other than that this has been the best thing I have ever done. New Zealand is definitely in my blood now so who knows I could be back again one day—I need to work on my family to get them over here too!”

—Sue (Occupational Therapist from England, UK)

“Due to the help & support of eNZed Paramedical, I have been able to find employment as an O.T; split between the local Home Health Care Team & Aged Care Units. When we arrived in New Zealand, my first priority was settling my young son into school & eNZed Paramedical understood my anxieties.

It was a life line having John & Christine to talk to about domestic & professional issues! Since being in work for several months now & in New Zealand for 6 months, it has been great to know that I can still contact John & Christine. I would have been very lost and extra stresses added to an already stressful situation, if I had not had the expertise of eNZed Paramedical working on my behalf!”

Name Withheld (Occupational Therapist from England, UK)

I had contacted some of the 'international' agencies and to be honest I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of earning money off me. You definitely got the impression you were just meat in a processor. However, that is not the case with eNZed.

Christine is fantastic at is preparing you for telephone interviews, giving advice on salary grades etc. as the job descriptions seem to be very generic. Christine is able to 'fill in the gaps', so to speak, as she has a good knowledge of the health boards, how they operate, the services etc. and can give you supporting information. I would definitely recommend them, they listen to what you want and really do try to match your requirements.

—Maya (Occupational Therapist from the United Kingdom)

“We arrived jobless and with colds in rainy Auckland, fortunately we had been given eNZed Paramedical's number from the New Zealand Society of Physiotherapy. eNZed Paramedical were not only very professional but very kind and genuine—we stayed with the owners whilst we recovered from our colds and organised jobs. It only took a few days to sort out jobs and the positions we accepted were just what we were looking for—eNZed really listened to our thoughts on where we wanted to work and what type of job we were looking for. We thoroughly recommend eNZed Paramedical—they were brilliant.”

—John & Liz (Chartered Physiotherapists from England, UK)

“eNZed Paramedical provided me with a professional yet personal service that not only enabled me to commence work, but also guided and supported me in embarking on life in New Zealand. I felt I could have asked them anything and that they would always answer promptly. It was those little `extras' that made the whole process go smoother and easier.”

—Helen (Occupational Therapist from England, UK)

“While it took some time to focus in on what area I wanted in New Zealand, once locked into this process eNZed Paramedical proved to be what I had hoped for; communicative, highly efficient and giving objective advice -added to this was a very human side that both calmed me prior to interview but looked out for my well being once contractual details were being discussed. I would recommend them to anyone who seeks to do what I have achieved, thankfully, with their help.”

—Pat (Occupational Therapist from England, UK)


I'm ready, I want to work in New Zealand with eNZed Paramedical.

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Yes, I'm interested in working in New Zealand, but I'm not ready to sign-up just yet.

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Last Modified: 20 November 2014