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Becoming Professionally Registered

Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy Registration

New Zealand Registration is legally required for all Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists. Employers are not supposed to consider applicants who have not yet gained it, and even if they do, no job offer is valid until there is evidence of registration.

The legislation controlling registration changed on Sept 18, 2004. If you or any friends have forms or advice that predates this, please be aware that this is now quite out of date! You should begin the registration process by applying on line at the relevant board website.

eNZed Paramedical offers advice and support during the process of preparing your application for professional registration to therapists using our service. However, the Boards require that you do the actual preparation work, we cannot do it on your behalf.

Therefore, if you complete both our application and the Registration Boards one at about the same time, you will get maximum benefit from our service, and we can plan the timing of the job seeking process accordingly.

Registration Guide

We have complied a list of helpful information to aid you in completion of your registration. Please see your registration guide page for more information.

Speech Language Therapy Registration

There is no legally required registration to work as a Speech Language Therapist in New Zealand. Membership of the New Zealand Speech Language Therapy Association (NZSTA) is granted by application, and involves the assessment of the applicants qualifications. Most employers consider this to be so important that they will not consider job applicants unless they have been approved for NZSTA membership. Because of this, eNZed Paramedical's policy is that we will not seek work for a therapist unless they have already been granted this approval, or are in the process of applying for it.


It is essential to be registered with the NZ Medical Radiation Technologists Board in order to practise in New Zealand. The differing major specialities within the profession are described as 'Scopes of Practice'. You can only work within the Scopes that you have been approved for.

These different scopes are:

  1. Diagnostic Imaging General Technologist
  2. Radiation Therapist
  3. Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  4. Sonographer
  5. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist
  6. Trainee Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  7. Trainee Sonographer
  8. Trainee Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist

A practitioner may be registered and hold an annual practising certificate in more than one scope of practice.

The demand from employers is for staff who are fully qualified in their chosen areas, so although it is technically possible to be registered as a trainee in Scopes 6-8, job prospects are much more limited. Therefore, if you are at this level in the profession, and can not currently meet the requirements in any of Scopes 1-5, our recommendation is that you defer your plans to work in NZ until you can.

If you have special skills in a particular field (e.g. Maternity ultrasound or Paediatric Nuclear Medicine) this is seen as a part of the relevant Scope of Practice in terms of registration. Once you get to the point of job seeking, employers will focus more on such particular areas of interest.

Most of the general information listed here for Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy also applies to MRT's, as in the terminology used for the documentation required of you.

All of the information about living and working in NZ, visa options etc is the same, irrespective of your profession.

Radiologists are also in demand in NZ, but would need to be registered with the NZ Medical Council. There is a regular demand for this medical speciality in NZ.


I'm ready, I want to work in New Zealand with eNZed Paramedical.

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Yes, I'm interested in working in New Zealand, but I'm not ready to sign-up just yet.

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Last Modified: 20 November 2014